Monday, March 16, 2009

pile up the corpses

in remembrance

—for a corpse

don’t forget

6 o’clock floor over May
corpus take us
to where we need
the promised exploding applause
fail the river without drowning

to where we need to
look into
bottoms of glasses and recognize
we are their fathers

farther away than the river
we weren’t afraid until hope
broke open on the concrete bank
and in the distance
only main street
and a new shopping center

tattooed utterances
spelled out our name’s pretty guts

when they put them back in they said
you should be more careful with those
try it now
we think now
we have had enough

we want out
always remember
do not savor
milestones mill steel river roll
ever sweltered knees
kneel to violent pussies
and opium breasted nurses
black will be your verses

or not do whatever you want

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