Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pile up the corpses

so in the interest of getting things started as far as posting some collaborations and bringing a little life to these posts--can't bear the word blog. here's a record of Exceptionalism's Flag Day.

this birth of our shitty flag

this brahman beats his wife
a bro-man beat this bitch
after all this andrei’s on this dash
this intersection
dangerous if you don’t look
look at this we fit in the fridge
never use this word: “network”
in a puddle
bob dylan or sting write
songs with their bare hands
never have made this fist
won’t kill them just beat them
with this rusty sword

at least this napkin’s gettin wet
one for drying one for wetting
us for those of this old
fifteen years ago smoke stacks
cooled baton rouge
summer’s almost here
this solution to global warming
is pollution or confusion
spies saluting
that’s a good fucking line
where my motherfuckers
when I need them smoking
on the fire escape

blinking lure snags this throat
ships in waters this bad juke box song
encourages all night wrongs
foot left brain
looks like an elephant head or horse balls
a time machine just leapt
up this nose grows
back to stone
pick my boogers, baby
or I’ll stab myself with this straw
where you are drawing our flag

not a caricature of some asian guy
who hugged my first mate
and played terrible songs

so tell central quit playing songs
and start fishing puddles
once this awhile

dirty birds fish worms
out of a sea this familiar
sailing on forfeited fares
pirating this mind
already entertained
taking them to this place
already conquered

I got this flu
don’t want to hear your ewww
shit this getting terrible now
better bring this river to my door
before I drown like vince
this always paying tolls
just get this ass across
quit telling this what to do
this isn’t this so quit yelling

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Anonymous said...

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