Tuesday, February 21, 2017

br human rights river

2016 was a brutal and capricious year for Baton Rouge and the United States. The change of presidential power markedly threatens democracy and human rights. Major cities around the country are organizing solidarity readings like The International Day of Poetry Benefit for Immigrants and Human Rights and Writers Resist. As human rights advocates and literary artists that share a home, we want to produce an original, Baton Rouge version of rebellion-through-art-and-community event, and we wish to invite interested artists in the community to join us in celebrating the diversity of our talented community of culture producers. We invite you to join us for an amazing, art-filled, and positive evening.

Readers include Chuy Avila, Toi the Poetic Beauty, Shannon Groll, Chelsea Murry, John Warner Smith, Phillip Spotswood, Robert Alan Wendeborn.

With musical performances from Quiana Lynell and Peggy Trenta.

Visual art and video intermission with Baton Rouge artist and creator of the Alton Sterling mural, Jo Hines.

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