Monday, April 26, 2010


in between international fest
and jazz fest
river's river:

Vincent A. Cellucci
Eric Elliott
Ben Lowenkron
Christopher Shipman

+ Hiram (special idaho/danish guest)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

literary la,

beaucoup readings and drama (the good kind) coming up in accord with all art (mfa exhibitions), music (festival international and jazz fest), spring and semester-end activities:

all city 2010 slam
grand slam finals 4.25 @ 4-9
1415 main street, br

4.21 @ 7:30, 4.25 @ 2:30
the double life of dr. dapertutto
adapted and directed by ruth laurion bowman
lsu blackbox -- 137 coates hall

4.22 @ 8
rodger kamenetz retires reading
mel coyle
jenn nunes
christopher shipman
+ music from polly pry
goldmine saloon-nola

4.23 @ 6:30
david kirby
ol' president's house

4.24 @ 11
alison barker
james claffey
susan kirby-smith
david newman
jordan soyka
rachel van sickle

4.24 @ 12
mfa alumni reading
for lsu day
jamey hatley
chris shipman
emilie staat
ronlyn domingue
vincent cellucci
claire dixon
kristin sanders
ben lowenkron
102 allen hall

4.27 @ 10
river writers
founders' river
vincent a. cellucci
eric elliott
ben lowenkrown
christopher shipman
boudreaux & thibodeaux

Sunday, April 11, 2010

river decadents

rivers overflowing after awp:

returnee Taylor Gorman
and genial Lucie Monk

plus river presents
the american decadents
and anti-decadents

Jordan Soyka
and DeWitt Brinson