Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Readings by Mel Coyle and Will Burke!

Well, the river has washed away our sins and dirtied us up anew again and again. We have had a great run of the river this year and the last hurrah is sure to make you say hurray for sins and dirt and soap and sins and dirt and soap and poetry! Come out to the river (Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s 214 3rd Street) this coming Tuesday May 8th at 8pm to hear the rivery words of Mel Coyle and Will Burke! And perhaps even a special guest or two! Coyle will uncoil our fears and make us love mud like the peasants we are in the movie (think Monty Python?) we are, and Burke will read from his new book The World is Full of Peasants, hot off the press from Slash Pine! In other words, come to the river if you want to have a good time! Plus, we are inviting everyone to come with a fuck poem to read! Interpret as you will…

William Burke is from Portland, Maine. His chapbook "The World Is Full of Peasants." is out by Slash Pine Press.

Mel Coyle is from Chicago and other places where the corn grows. She co-edits the poetry journal TENDERLOIN.