Friday, March 23, 2012

RIVER WRITERS PRESENTS: THE MARCHAN / ESTEP / CHUN RIVER / 3.27.12 / readings by Jeri Marchan and Brit Estep

The river never stops roaring. This big truth will be true as ever come Tuesday March 27th at 10pm when Jeri Marchan and Brit Estep join us at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux’s for a roaring river not to be missed! Come out and give a listen to these two Baton Rouge poets who promise to tell the truth the river throws our way. And if that means telling tiny lies, spilling best kept secrets hiding in your own past, or making one long wish, why would you not do this? More about our wonderful readers here:   

Jeri Marchan is an senior English/Creative Writing major at LSU and co-editor of fiction for the delta journal. She is in the process of submitting her first full-length poetry collection for publication and will be pursuing her MFA degree at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop come fall.

Brit Estep is a writer and educator originally from Indiana. She has spent the last three years completing in MFA in creative writing in South Louisiana. Her spiritual practices include: studying with her teacher Lama Surya Das, forgiveness, watching westerns and trying to be in her body as much as possible. She is interested in contemplative and integrative education and believes in the power of creativity with all her heart.

Part of Estep’s thesis Signals was published by Shambhala in their young Buddhists project, 35<35, where Estep said this about her work: 

“Vulture Biology is an excerpt from my dharma nature poetry memoir, Signals. Signals is the writing that happened after my father suddenly died in 2010. It is a collection of contemplative stories which detail the nature of impermanence both personally and planetary. When my eyes were opened by the deep sadness I was experiencing, I could not stop looking at just my pain. My previous pronoun boundaries of me, you and them- all became a blurry mess as the world I had known was wiped clean away. Grief handed me Buddhism as a way to continue to open my heart.”

Carolyn Chun also read form her book How to Break the _______   _______ (Article) (Noun).

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