Monday, May 9, 2011

dig call for submissions

Dear Poets,

Christopher Shipman here. I want to let you all know immediately that I have been asked to act as poetry editor for DIG Magazine of Baton Rouge. As the name implies, DIG is devoted to uncovering, or digging up all Baton Rouge has to offer. Poetry is something that Baton Rouge has to offer its citizens in plentiful delicious helpings. I want to extend a call for submissions (SEE BELOW) to all of you and any poets you may know in the Baton Rouge area who may be interested in seeing their work published in an eclectic quality magazine close to home.

The constantly growing poetry community of Baton Rouge is full of talent and inspiration. What better way to ensure this community reaches out to other important communities in the city than providing another exciting space for voices to be heard? DIG is a space for poets to do what poets do best- say a lot while saying very little. With that said, and considering the magazine's attention to the whole of Baton Rouge, DIG offers poets the challenge of submitting poems of only six to nine lines. Are you up to it? I look forward to finding out. DIG wants to publish a poem a week, so please see full guidelines below and start submitting!

Please submit up to 5 poems (of six to 9 lines) in a single word attachment directly to me at

In the subject line of your email include "Your Name - DIG SUBMISSION"

Be sure that you include a cover letter that includes a brief note about yourself and your contact information.

I look forward to looking through your poems. Please forward this information to anyone interested!

Best wishes,
Christopher Shipman

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