Monday, November 2, 2009


huge month for river
three back to back readings--

this river:

boz, river returnee pathogen free
ben, back with the surreal
amanda, a new river to welcome
and j.t. , bold river regular

evening corpse:

weekend saw shippy drinking wind
big scissors can’t cut drunk roadrunner
he put his hand on my fruit and cried “help!”
the ants
in my car taste like plastic
better than rotten coffee glued to my favorite mug
science experiment in dirty dishes
no, seriously, what fuck are we supposed
to do with this shit?
for the love of what the fuck next
I stand with no memory
sicken chicken wing
show me a ninja switch around our knuckles
because knuckles buckle, I munch glass
wind bottles my signature blown out of my ass
times amount you bang your head against the wall
before you realize the wall exits for you
there is fog in the room. there is no room.
I meant foyer and I meant zoom and I meant rain
yesterday I forgot to turn off the raindrops. I want you to say so.
I’m siiiinggging in the spriinkkleerrr!
wwwater on my fingers
fishing in lemonade
in the trees, dripping like honey, your face on a coin
I fingered that coin till I memorized the amnesia
and quiet takes me out of the conversation
bow my head and contemplate
never thoughts drinking out of the lines

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